Hello, world!

I’m Michael Tokarz, a nature and landscape photographer out of Livonia, Michigan. I have been an active photographer in the wonderful state of Michigan since 2012. In these past years my photography has grown from shooting quick snapshots of a few landscapes here in Southeast Michigan for fun, to traveling to the farthest corners of the state, walking out on frozen lighthouse piers in the middle of snowstorms, and staying up late into the night to capture the beautiful light of the moon and stars.

The goal with my photography is to present you with scenes that aren’t typically seen by the average person. I do this by using long exposures and time lapses to show motion in otherwise static scenes, as well as visiting locations at uncommon times of the day in order to show a place in a whole new light typically unseen by the average viewer. Through meticulous planning and a considerable amount of research, I find compositions that truly show the beauty of the state of Michigan, and share them with you through my photography.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work!

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hey Mike, it’s Kaci, i LOVE your pictures sooo much. Im hoping to get a more advanced camera like yours soon because you have inspired me :) keep up the awesome work!

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