Sunrises & Sunsets

As a photographer and lover of the outdoors, there aren’t many things more special than watching great sunrises & sunsets in Michigan.

Waking up early when the air is still, crisp, and chilly from the night before, then going out to your favorite place to watch it before the rest of the world starts their day. The solitude. The beauty, the calmness. There’s just something special about it. ┬áIf you get the chance to spend time up north, I highly recommend getting up early to watch the sunrise. There is nothing quite like it.

Sunsets on the other hand are much more popular. I’ve seen hundreds of people flock the the shores of Lake Michigan just to watch the sun dip below the horizon. Even though they aren’t always as intimate as sunrises, watching the sun set after a great day is the cherry on top your ice cream. It’s a sign you made it through another day and there is another one waiting for you tomorrow.

Sunrises & sunsets are nature’s gift to us. Take some time to enjoy them.